Send contracts to clients for their approval and signature.

Approve invoices as quickly as possible within your company.

Get the signature and approval of new employees on employment contracts with the same validity as in-person signatures.

Convert document approval into an efficient, electronic process with probative value. 

Practical Applications

Any organizational process that requires one person, or multiple people, to approve documents can be implemented with EDICOMSignADoc. Below we describe three of its most common uses.

Signature of commercial contracts

Signature of commercial contracts

Integrate external approvers, like clients, into your workflows.

Send client contracts the moment they are created and request their approval with complete security, in the minimum amount of time.

Your clients will receive an email and can access the contract with one click, choosing whether to accept or reject it. 

Internal approval of invoices

Internal approval of invoices

Establish internal approval workflows that are adapted to the organizational structure of your company. 

Include all stakeholders that need to give their approval to invoices.

Configure rules and conditions around each workflow (based on department, supplier ID, creditors, invoice amounts, etc.)

Signature of Contracts and Payroll

Signature of Contracts and Payroll

Create contracts or payroll from your system and send them to employees for approval.

Give recipients secure access to the platform for signature processes. 

Receive approval notifications of contracts, payroll, etc. 

Electronic signature on all documents

The level of security required in each workflow depends on the type of workflow it is. 

EDICOMSignADoc adapts to the authentication and electronic signature requirements of each project. 

Manage EDICOMSignADoc evidence reports to resolve conflicts regarding the agreements made, as they appear in the content of your documents. 

Signature adapted to any situation

Signature adapted to any situation

EDICOMSignADoc supports electronic signatures with non-recognized and recognized certificates, as well as those created with a secure signature creation device.

Two-factor authentification

Two-factor authentification

Implement robust authentication processes to give greater security guarantees to your workflows: 2FA OTP (Google Authenticator) or 2FA through SMS.

Approval evidences

Approval evidences

Every interaction with the document will produce an ‘evidence’, which the Trust Service Provider EDICOM will use to create a document with probative value called an Evidence Report.

EDICOMSignADoc integrates with your ERP

EDICOMSignADoc is a service designed to integrate with any management system (commercial ERPs, document managers, solutions developed in-house, etc.)

Optimize document approval and signature processes starting with your management applications.

  • Compatible with any management system.

  • Experience with data integration between systems and applications.

  • Optimize work methodology and project management


Designing Custom Workflows

Creating a document approval workflow is quick and intuitive. 

Choose which users are authorized to send documents and configure, in just one step, the type of evidence and ID authentication required.

You can also design more complex workflows with multiple steps, various conditions and recipients, and different signature types. 

Define steps simply and intuitively

Define steps simply and intuitively

The design of workflows with EDICOMSignADoc is based on the configuration of ‘steps’.

Steps name the approvers involved in the workflow, the level of authentication required, and the type of evidence to collect.

Joint and collective signatures

Joint and collective signatures

Joint signatures: For the workflow to advance, all approvers involved in a single step must approve the document.  

Collective signatures: For the workflow to advance, a certain number out of all possible approvers must approve the document. 

Rules for the execution of workflow steps

Rules for the execution of workflow steps

Personalize workflows by establishing conditions for document approval. 

Set conditions for requesting approval of contracts over a certain amount, or for contracts being sent to a certain client. 

Total control over all your documents

Document issuers, as well as their supervisors, have access to a configurable dashboard with KPIs detailing the status of approval processes.

Find out in real time whether a document has been accessed yet, how many people have approved it, if it has been rejected by any of the approvers, or any other detail of interest.

Establish time limits on a document’s approval, configure the automatic re-issuance of documents, or cancel a workflow where necessary. 

Document approval operations cannot be disrupted for something like a missing signature or a broken rule. You will have control. Take the initiative. 

Long Term Archiving Compliance (EDICOMLta)

Electronic archiving that guarantees the integrity of documents and reversal of the burden of proof. 
EDICOMLta is the long-term archiving service that complements EDICOMSignADoc to conserve documents along with evidence reports of their approval. 
Conservation processes are carried out in accordance with the most important international laws to guarantee the integrity of documents over time.
Permanent audits and re-assurances, supplied by EDICOM as a Trust Service Provider, provide guarantees that reverse the burden of proof in the case of any discrepancy.

Electronic archiving platform designed according to the ISO 14641

Do you need proof of actions taken on your electronic documents? 

EDICOMLta complies with all requirements of the ISO 14641 pertaining to the design and functionality of an information system for the preservation of digital information. 

Electronic storage certified under eIDAS, the best guarantee in Europe

Does your business operate in Europe? 

EDICOMLta is accredited by the European Commission as an eIDAS service in line with the European Regulation eIDAS (n ° 910/2014).

Compliance with the Mexican law NOM151

Do you need to obtain records of the conservation of signed documents along with evidence of their approval? 

EDICOM is a Certification Service Provider accredited by the Mexican Secretary of the Economy, authorized for the emission of data conservation records in line with the Mexican law NOM-151-SCFI-2016.

Accredited as a Certification Authority by ONAC in Colombia

Does your company need to archive documents that were signed electronically?

EDICOMLta is certified with the ONAC Accreditation 16-ECD-005 under CEA 4.1-10 V-01 requirements for the registration, custody, and conservation of data messages and electronic documents. 

100% Service

With EDICOMSignADoc you’ll receive assistance before, during and after project go-live. 

A team of specialized consultants will take care of the data analysis, configuration, and customization of your project. 

The international support center will answer questions and resolve issues in a personalized way.


  • Analysis of the document approval project requirements. 

  • Adaptation and configuration of the solution. 

  • Configuration of initial document approval workflows.

  • Development of integrations with your management systems.

  • Training and go-live. 


  • Multilingual support and configuration of international environments adapted to your organizational structure.  

  • Resolution of questions and issues.

  • Support available in multiple time zones.

  • Option to contract preferential or 24x7 support. 

Why use SignADoc?

SignADoc is a powerful tool to optimize document approval and signature processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

EDICOMSignADoc allows you to send documents to any recipient, regardless of whether they are inside your organization or external to it (clients, suppliers, etc.). Load the document and enter the email address of the recipient. The approver will receive a notification and, with just one click, can access the document for its approval and signature. 

EDICOMSignADoc can support any type of signature. This includes signatures generated with unrecognized certificates as well those requiring the use of recognized certificates and secure signature creation devices. 

Explain the characteristics of your project to us. We will assist you in configuring the most appropriate signature and approval mechanisms according to the types of documents in scope. 


EDICOMSignADoc is 100% compatible with any management system, whether commercial or proprietary, on-premise or cloud. 
Our model is based on personalized service that uses proprietary technology and the experience of a team of more than 400 engineers who, since 1995, have been dedicated to the integration of business applications. 
Let us know what tool you use to create documents in need of approval, and we will take charge of the developments required to integrate your management system with EDICOMSignADoc. 

Every step of a document’s approval life cycle generates an “evidence”. 

Each evidence is identified in real time with an electronic timestamp, issued by the EDICOM Trust Service Provider. The complete sequence of these evidences is compiled into a report which in turn is signed by the EDICOM trusted third party. This process makes the evidence report a key tool to keeping track of the steps through which a document has passed, from its creation to its final approval. 

The assurances that EDICOM offers as a Trust Service Provider, the electronic timestamps issued, as well as the signature of the evidence report, constitute a guarantee that can be presented as proof of the life cycle of a document. 

EDICOMSignADoc stores the documents along with their evidence reports for 6 months. If necessary, this period can be extended to more than 180 days and additional functionalities added to the layers of security over the stored documents through integration of SignADoc with EDICOMLta. EDICOM’s long-term archiving service is accredited under eIDAS, certified by ONAC (Colombia), complies with Mexico’s NOM151, and is based on the ISO 14641.

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